TMS Quick Start

NBCG thanks you for your interest in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, which is an FDA approved treatment for adults suffering from significant major depressive disorder that has not adequately responded to medication and therapy. If you believe you meet these criteria and would benefit from this treatment, please complete the following to allow us to review your benefits:

Must be 18 or older

Insurance Provider

How long have you had depression?

Do you have a history of and current significant symptoms of depression such as:  hopelessness, irritability, and sadness, , feelings of worthlessness, decreased or increased appetite, trouble sleeping, restlessness, motoric slowing, fatigue, worthlessness, concentration issues,  or thoughts of death.  


Have you been treated with over 3 anti depressant medications with no significant positive lasting effects and or intolerable side effects? (These will need to be verified)






Have you received effective mental health therapy to treat your depression?


If so, has it had lasting positive effects?


Do you have any of the following contraindicators: Active or inactive implants in your head, (deep brain stimulators, cochlear implants, etc.) rapid onset psychoses, history of seizures, or epilepsy, traumatic brain injury?


Treatment length is typically 6 weeks, daily for 20-30 minutes. If approved, what would your requested start day be?

We will contact you shortly to review your situation. Other forms to complete for the Quick Start process include the:

1) PHQ9

2) Authorization of Release of Information

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