Social Skills Group

Does your child struggle with social interactions? This group is for you!




We recognize that some children struggle with social interactions more than their peers. Group therapy offers the perfect opportunity for children to learn and practice the social skills necessary for healthy, productive relationships. Combining lessons and activities from evidence-based social skills programs, this group empowers members to feel confident and comfortable with common social situations and challenges. Groups will be held in twelve-week sessions beginning Monday, June 6 from 5 to 6pm (ages 7 to 11) and Wednesday, June 8 from 5 to 6pm (ages 12-18) in our Bountiful office. Cost is $20 per session or $200 upfront.


Sessions will focus on:  

  • Week 1: Two-Way Conversations

  • Week 2: Electronic Communication

  • Week 3: Choosing Appropriate Friends

  • Week 4: Appropriate Humor versus Teasing

  • Week 5: Conversation Skills

  • Week 6: Good Sportsmanship

  • Week 7: Get-Togethers

  • Week 8: Handling Arguments

  • Week 9: Changing Reputations

  • Week 10: Handling Bullying

  • Week 11: Minimizing Gossip and Rumors

  • Week 12: Review and Graduation


For more information:

Contact Julie Werner, or speak to your NBCG therapist



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